Free Online Workshop, presented by Chelsea Thiede, MS, NTP


Discover The Uncommon Approach Parents Use to Overcome ADHD Naturally Without Medication and Behavior Therapies

Free online workshop

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In this 40 minute training you'll discover:

  • The unexpected way parents Increase their child’s brain power... Improve their focus...Fight off hyperactivity/impulsivity...Put an end to medication... Regain their child’s self esteem.
  • #1 secret that accelerates ADHD
  • How ADHD impacts the brain
  • How parents help their kids overcome ADHD without medication
  • The truth about ADHD that even your doctor doesn’t know about.
  • An uncommon new strategy for overcoming ADHD. Parents who want to go from correcting to connecting are now doing this and can’t believe the results!

About your host

Chelsea and Noah Cooking

Chelsea Thiede, MS, is a food-scientist, nutrition therapy practitioner, and training integrative nutritionist. Her passion for children’s health comes from her most important job title, mom. She is the founder of the holistic ADHD program, Fed and Focused, and authored the E-book “A Recipe for a Healthy Baby.” She shares kid-approved recipes on her blog and Youtube channel that help provide nutrient dense food for optimal development. She empathizes with parents struggling with kids suffering with ADHD and wants to help parents see their kids succeed. 

If you want to overcome your child's ADHD naturally, then this is for you!