A client with Tourette’s, OCD, growth delays, and a sound sensitivity a few weeks after starting the Fed and Focused Program:

Before Fed and Focused, my son struggled with self-harm, tics, high anxiety, and a debilitating sound sensitivity. His stomach hurt so much that he couldn’t eat much and was not growing and gaining weight in the way he should. Since starting the program, his teachers have noticed great improvement in his tics and focus. So far this summer he has had hardly any nervous tics. The ringing in his ears has gone away, and his sound sensitivity keeps going away! His appetite is even improving. Chelsea was there to answer every questions I had and change the plan as we went to meet his needs.

A client with ADHD a few weeks after starting the Fed and Focused Program:

Before Fed and Focused, my son struggled with anger, emotional control, and staying calm. Now, he is doing well! He is able to focus more and has less hyperactivity. He is not cranky in the mornings now. I am not seeing the aggression or anger outbursts that he was having before as much. So that is good!   

A former Fed and Focused Program client who struggled with ADHD:

Chelsea was very caring and attentive to our needs. She helped my daughter wean off a 30 mg prescription of Ritalin. It has been life changing for our family. Even on the meds, my daughter still had behavior issues weekly at school and lacked empathy for others. We were going crazy trying to find something that would help her focus and reduce her impulsivity until Fed and Focused. Through the program, she can now focus, listen to directions, and has a much easier time interacting with other kids. Even her previous teachers were amazed at the difference this past year!!!

A Toddler with Insomnia, Allergies, and Slow Growth

Within a week of starting the supplements, my son started sleeping through the night! I hadn’t gotten a full nights sleep since he was born! He used to wake up a few times a night. 8 hours of sleep in a row is glorious! His digestion is better, and he seems so much more calm. He eats more now and has grown quite a bit too. He is in the 70th percentile for height now. Even his egg and seasonal allergies went away!

A Sweet Boy with Crippling Anxiety

My son has always feared costumed characters and dogs. He has always has a fear of large animals really. Our neighbors were amazed that all of a sudden his phobia of their dogs went away. He used to run away from their dogs screaming. This summer he started running up to their huge dog and petting it with excitement. They commented on it without even knowing we were doing the Fed and Focused Program. So grateful!

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Read my story about healing my son of SPD:

I remember watching my son, Noah, standing paralyzed and sobbing at the start of the kids fun run after the starting gun went off and every other kids took off. The sound frightened him so much that I carried him back to the car, skipping my race, as we waited for my husband and step-daughter to finish their mile runs at the Meridian Mile. I felt really helpless and heartbroken that my son was so scared. At something that was supposed to be so fun for kids, why was my son so terrified? It wasn’t the first indication my son was sensitive to sounds. Once he turned one, he started covering his ears at the blender, flushing toilets, and sirens. He would hide from the train that passed by our park. At first it was easy to pass it off as a “little kid thing”, but when you start to see every other kid enjoying the moment and your child stands their petrified, you start to see it differently.  

As a nutritional therapy practitioner, I study holistic healing and learned about the benefits of near infrared light for detoxification. Clinical studies have shown that the use of near infrared light can reverse Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.

However, once I did a hair mineral analysis test for him and started shining a near infrared (NIR) light on his head, his sensory processing went away quickly. In the first week of starting the NIR, I could tell his body got rid of several toxins. I saw this through very stinky diarrhea that he had for a few days. Then, a sheriff’s van with the sirens blaring passed us the next day. He waved and laughed as it drove by. A few days after that, the monthly tornado siren drill happened right down the street. He didn’t even react and kept playing. The next week, we were at the park when the train went by. He ran to see it, while another boy covered his ears. Within a few days of that, the monthly tornado siren went off from the park nearby as we were playing outside, and he didn’t even react.

Then, what felt like the true test came. Noah’s first running race after going through my protocol. There would be very loud noises, crowds, and lots of characters. It was the combination of everything he had previously struggled to handle. We got to the race, and he was so happy!. He loved seeing all the characters. He even hugged them and sat on their lap to take pictures. He had no problem as we walked to the start line in a huge crowd of kids. As we started the loud music and start horn only encouraged him forward instead of making him run away and want to go home. He finished the Michigan Mile in 11 minutes and ran the whole way. It was just awesome to see him running, high fiving, and saying “This is so much fun!” It was just the BEST to see him high fiving and hugging characters and not even reacting to the horns like the other kids.

So excited to share more fun races with him!!! Look out GL summer track!!!

So So Proud!!

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