Supportive Research

Supportive Research

Fed and Focused is a one of a kind program. We take CLINICAL RESEARCH and create a program, backed by science, that is tailored to kids and their needs.

Clinical research shows the value and accuracy of hair mineral analysis testing. It has also showing promising results in treating life threatening brain conditions like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Fed and Focused has taken this research and SAFELY applies it to conditions like Tourette’s, OCD, anxiety, SPD (sensory processing), ADHD/ADD, self harm tendencies, and autism to name a few.

Our mission is to help activate the gifts that are already within your child. Clinical research also shows that through tools such as creative meditation, grounding, and improving circulation, the body can balance the nervous system and improve neurotransmitter function such as for dopamine and serotonin.

We take great pride in our parental support to guide parents through this process in our Facebook group and Online Course. We also offer options with unlimited email support for expert guidance through every step to maximize a child’s healing.

Beyond what the clinical research has shown, we work closely to ensure the safe and gentle use of the near infrared light. We educate on safe time limits , which are different for each area of the body and for each child. We also evaluate how the liver and kidneys are doing to ensure that the elimination organs can handle the detoxification process. We want everything to move out of the body efficiently. It is also important to pair along with a nutritional program to remineralize the body and give it the energy to push out toxins. When done without the nutrition support, this creates a further imbalance.

It is amazingly powerful tool that gently creates quick results for children. Imagine what it could do for your child?

We combine hair testing, nutritional supplementation, kid friendly foods without a restrictive diet, grounding, and near infrared light for incredible healing. This truly makes Fed and Focused REVOLUTIONARY in its approach and a true category of ONE.

Hair Mineral Analysis Testing

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Health and Copper Imbalance

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Near Infrared Light and the Brain