Calcium and Magnesium – The Calming Minerals

Calcium and Magnesium – The Calming Minerals


It is very important that everyone gets the right form, especially growing kids. Their nervous systems rely heavily on these two minerals, the calming minerals. They utilize high amounts of these minerals for their growing bodies and bones, and to be honest, our typical diets are deficient in the BIO-AVAILABLE forms of these CRUCIAL minerals.

Why Take Calcium and Magnesium?

Does you child struggle with sleep? Hyperactivity? Sensitivities to the environment like noise? Constipation? They may suffer from these deficiencies.

The Paramin that I use contains:

  • Vitamin D (cholecalciferol)
  • Calcium chelate and malate
  • Magnesium chelate and dimagnesium malate
  • Boron (helps the body utilize the above minerals)

Sometimes to get supplements into little ones I mix them into food since not every kid can swallow a pill.

Giving Kids Supplements

This is my son’s breakfast for the day –

  • grass-fed yogurt
  • roasted almond butter
  • raw honey
  • his supplements.

This really helps him with his sleep and his sensitivity to noise.

More Information

To order Paramin: http://www.arltma.com/Supplements/Product_Catalog/Minerals.html#paramin

Please contact me if you would like to run a hair mineral analysis test on you or a family member to assess their specific needs!

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